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In Appreciation.

What is there to say other than Awesome from A-Z. I got seriously injured, being an old-school male, I thought I would slowly heal on my own. Not be – a very serious bacterial infection made me severed lip and bloody nose its home, possibly leading to sepsis.

I was reluctant to go into Lone Pine for medical care, thinking it would be akin to Third World medicine. Boy was I wrong!

At the Southern Inyo Urgent Care Outpatient Clinic. I received unbelievable care, attention, resounding professionalism, and heart-warming kindness. I have never experienced such first-rate medical care nor met what still seems to me a Ban of Angels In obscurity.

Being out of state, living in a big city, I wish I’d get one-tenth the care and dedication to healing these fine people rendered. I left the clinic on the road to healing and a heart filled with gratitude.

I will never, ever forget Dr. Cota, Nurse Sarah, Clinic Manager Loretta James and the other admirable diverse group of folks there. What an amazing team!

Their kindness will pay it forward.

Eugene, Oregon


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