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“Miracle on Locust Street”

Dear Inyo County Residents,

It is with deep gratitude and recognition of your support that we celebrate the  conclusion of a 4 ½ year roller coaster ride, known as “the bankruptcy” of Southern Inyo Healthcare District.  Everyday brought a new story, a twist or a turn.  Some days were up, many were down.  As of the evening of July 6, 2020 we open a new chapter titled, “The Miracle on Locust Street”.  The light shines bright at the end of this unbelievably long ride and we thank you for staying with us through the best of times and the worst of times.  Our Healthcare District residents were bolstered by the support of the residents of the entire Inyo County.  Our employees stayed the course and worked hard to improve service every day. They are a force to be reckoned with and are led by an outstanding team of administrative professionals, with Peter Spiers, PhD at the helm.  We also appreciate the legal team that rallied the troops and fought the battle in court. Deserving of special praise is 5th district supervisor, Matt Kingsley and the Inyo County Treasury Oversight Committee. Martin Adams, City of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Northern Inyo Healthcare District went above and beyond in neighborly assistance.  The term, “It Takes a Village”, is often overused but in our case, it is both perfect and appropriate.

So a huge thank you to “our village”; friends, family, neighbors, strangers, staff, vendors, advisors and everyone affected by this experience.  You are special! 

We are open and thriving and we welcome you with open arms.

With neighborly love and deep appreciation,

SIHD Board of Directors:

Jaque Hickman, President 

Chuck Carson, Vice President

Carma Roper, Secretary

Bruce Branson, Treasurer

Mark Lacey, Director

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