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Your physician may have ordered an x-ray of your chest or some other body part such as your hand or leg. “Plain” x-rays are very useful to determine if a bone is broken (fractured) or if you have some kind of respiratory or abdominal problem (such as pneumonia or a kidney stone.) Many times a “plain” x-ray will give your physician all the information he/she may need to help you get better.
Southern Inyo Hospital uses a direct capture, digital radiography machine (x-ray machine). This enables us to see your pictures immediately and share them with your physician easily. It also allows us to utilize the lowest amount of radiation possible to obtain very high quality pictures. Most x-rays take only a few minutes depending on how many “views” are required (usually two to five views.) The technologist will help position you for the appropriate view, it is important you do not move until the picture is taken.

You should wear comfortable clothes without any metal buttons or jewelry that will be “in the way” of the anatomy to be pictured. Plain cotton or elastic pants and shirts/blouses are best, in some instances you may have to change into a hospital gown for the examination if the technologist feels the clothes you are wearing may interfere with getting a high quality image. Our technologists will always respect your privacy and ensure you remain covered throughout the examination.

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