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If your doctor has ordered a CT, there may be a preparation you need to follow. Please tell the technologist if you are allergic to any substances (food or medicine) and you may be asked to have some simple lab work done prior to the examination to check your kidney function. Oral contrast is only required for some abdominal examinations but intravenous contrast is used for most studies except for bone studies (hip, shoulders etc.) and some brain examinations.


Southern Inyo Hospital Cat Scan Technologists have all obtained advanced certification (registration) from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. This ensures you that your technologist has advanced training and passed a rigorous national board examination. We are committed to using as low a dose (radiation) as possible to obtain high quality images.

You should wear comfortable clothes without any metal buttons or jewelry that will be “in the way” of the anatomy to be pictured. Plain cotton or elastic pants and shirts/blouses are best, in some instances you may have to change into a hospital gown for the examination if the technologist feels the clothes you are wearing may interfere with getting a high quality image. Our technologists will always respect your privacy and ensure you remain covered throughout the examination. Most examinations will take from ten to twenty minutes to complete (depending on pre-test requirements such as starting an IV line) with actual picture taking lasting less than 30 seconds.

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