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Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
JOB SUMMARY: Promotes and restores resident's health by providing physical and psychological support and care to patients and their families. Understands the role of the vocational nurse as part of the nursing team.

• High School.
• Graduate of an accredited school of nursing for LVN.

• 1 year preferred.

License or Certification:
• Current CA LVN License and CPR.

• Ability to communicate clearly in both oral and written forms using the English language. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from residents, patients, physicians, peers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community. Neat/professional appearance.

• Demonstrating competence in taking vital signs, body systems assessments, giving enemas, measuring I & O's accurately and recording results accurately and legibly.
• Responding to patient needs and requests promptly.
• Demonstrating proficiency in administering medications using standard methods.
• Demonstrating competency in the use of equipment and other medical supplies.
• Maintaining equipment inventories.
• Evaluating new equipment and techniques.
• Maintaining a positive and caring relationship with patients, families and co-workers.
• Caring for the geriatric patient demonstrating clinical skills and knowledge of the aging process.
• Complying with established procedures.
• Supporting and promoting safety standards, identifying risk situations and intervening appropriately.
• Ensuring that utility rooms are maintained in a neat and orderly fashion.
• Adhering to infection control policies and protocols, medication and storage procedures and controlled substance regulations.
• Maintaining current knowledge of universal precautions in dealing with potential exposure to blood borne pathogens.
• Initiating and maintaining confidentiality, privacy, and safety for all patients.
• Monitoring CNA’s to ensure compliance with Hospital and HIPPA policies and procedures as they apply to privacy.
• Providing timely and accurate information to staff for the next shift.
• Monitoring staff performance to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures regarding patient care.
• Conducting in-service trainings.
• May assist in administering the annual competency testing program.
• Coordinating MDS activities and reviews.
• Providing quality review reports.
• Facilitates interdisciplinary round/meetings to identify and resolve patient/family related issues that may affect the discharge outcome.
• Completing the TAR accurately to ensure timely reimbursements from Medi-Cal.
• Maintaining the Compliance Matrix (DHS Survey Preparation) ensuring that all information is available.
• Scheduling Care Plan conferences.
• Monitoring all admissions to ensure compliance with established procedures and protocols and conducting follow-up reviews for QA purposes.
• Identifying patient/family discharge needs and providing support services and/or referrals to support services and agencies as required.
• Ordering equipment for home use and initiating follow-up calls to monitor patient condition.
• Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

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