Our Clinic Staff

Teresa McFarland, FNP-C has been a California licensed Registered Nurse/Public Health Nurse since 1999 and Family Nurse Practitioner since 2008. She began her nursing career at the Kern County Hospital and received a commission as a Nurse Corps Officer in the US Navy Reserve. Her clinical expertise is in Maternal/infant, lactation support, pediatrics, communicable disease investigation, chronic disease management, Diabetes, Urology, Military and Veteran’s health, and Family Medicine.

Donna McAuley, R.N., F.N.P, C.N.M. joined the SIHD clinic staff in January 2011. She was born and raised in Maine, relocating to the Owens Valley in 1978 after 9 years in the bay area of San Francisco. She graduated from the Mary Hitchcock School of Nursing in 1968, Sonoma State University with a BS and F.N.P. certification in 1978, and received her C.N.M. from the Stanford Program for Midwifery in 1983. She previous worked for Family Health Center in Bishop from June 1978 until May 2010.

Our very capable clinic manager is Laura Saldana who is always looking for ways to better our clinic.